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Hello, Lilygrass fans!

This week here at the shop we had to endure the hardest part of our job – funerals. Although we love being part of the celebrations of life that take place, it’s hard to not stop and contemplate our own lives every time we get an order for a casket spray or arrangement. We always do our best to capture the personality of the loved one. This part of our “job” calls us to go deeper and feel stronger than some of the other, more jubilant things we create. That’s the beauty of it all, too, though. We get the full circle here. We see the total of humanity. We’re honored to be part of weddings, birthdays, baby showers, parties, anniversaries, and holidays, but we also get to see those hard to reach parts of life, like the funerals. It’s never “fun” to design for a funeral, but it is always an honor.

This week we created "celebration of life" pieces for several families. One of the first casket sprays we arranged this week displayed a lovely white, yellow, and green color palette. In order to capture the elegance of this life, we chose to go with gorgeous white calla lilies, white orchids, and white alstroemeria. We matched that beauty with feathery greenery like Italian Ruscus, salal, and leather leaf. This was one of our largest pieces for the week. Our accent yellow roses bring out that burst of sunshine and brightness that accompanies the faith spoken of at funerals and memorials. The colors in this spray remind us that there is greater hope and clarity after this life here on Earth. This was a wonderful design, and Lilygrass was blessed to play a very small part in this life.

Another casket spray was filled with breath-taking purples, plums, and indigo shades. There were brilliant carnation blooms complementing lighter lavender spider chrysanthemums. After that, we added some light-hearted daisies to mimic the fun personality of this blessed soul. And for the final touches, we delicately placed larkspur. We balanced it all out with some fern leaves at the bottom, reminding us that our bodies all return to that soft, green earth. What an honor to be part of this spray design, as well!

There is a new design that’s becoming popular for memorial services, and it is a circular design. Perhaps this arrangement is becoming more popular due to its shape and how it reminds us that we are all in a circle of our very own. We all remember the Lion King song, The Circle of Life, and the theme from that song becomes so very apparent when you work in an industry that constantly grapples with the loss of loved ones. There were several requests for these arrangements this week.


Our first wreath memorial piece exhibited some of the most splendid colors. It reminded us of summertime and sunshine, happiness and laughter. We chose only our brightest orange lilies and paired them with pure, yellow spider chrysanthemums and daisies. But then we softened those brights with some calming, feminine pink roses and red pixie carnations. The gladiolas and green bells of Ireland in the back add a natural and comforting backdrop behind where an urn could be displayed. This design reminded us so much of who this incredible person was, it brought tears to our eyes.


We also created a few smaller arrangements this week. We know life is stressful, and we also know that funerals are expensive. Please come to us with all of your service needs and budget ideas. We are more than willing to design exceptional pieces to honor all loved ones, no matter what type of funds you are working with.


Thanks for reading, fans. We absolutely cherish any and all opportunities to be part of your lives, funerals and memorials included. We love this job, and we love that it gives us the opportunity to look at our own lives sometimes. What can we be doing better? Who can we be hugging longer? Who can we be loving harder? These are hard lessons to learn, and we are blessed to be able to learn them alongside you. Have a great week! Thank you!

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