Meaning to Spring Flowers

I am loving spring! The dogwoods and redbud trees are all abloom, the grass is green and it is a tolerable temperature with a lovely breeze. My favorite season is football season, but spring is a close second. Last week we talked about Easter lilies and their significance. Since spring is the season for bulb flowers, let's talk about the meaning of these beauties.


Hyacinth: Generally, hyacinths mean constancy, though each color has a different meaning. Hyacinths are also known for their amazing scent. Just a few blooms will scent several rooms. White mean "I'll pray for you," blue mean sincerity, purple mean sorrow, yellow stands for jealousy, and red/pink mean "let's play!"

Daffodils stand for new beginnings, which makes perfect sense as they are often the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and daffodils also symbolize chivalry. When I was a child, there was a field of daffodils right next to the driveway. Needless to say, my mother got many, many daffodils as gifts from her children. To this day, daffodils are still one of my favorites. When giving daffodils, always give a bunch, which mean joy and happiness; whereas a single daffodil foretells misfortune. Giving daffodils signify appreciation for honesty or for forgiveness.

Iris symbolize eloquence, faith and valor.  The purple iris stands for wisdom and compliments. The white iris stands for purity, and yellow symbolizes passion. Finally, the blue iris means faith and hope.

Dahlias are said to be "wild card" flowers because they have many varied meanings. Fun fact: Dahlias are of Mexican origin and are members of the daisy family. Dahlias are also said to symbolize travel, creativity, inner strength, change and even betrayal. The world is your oyster when sending dahlias; you choose the meaning!

Amaryllis are thought to symbolize harmony, success, personal freedom and splendid beauty. Splendid beauty is the real winner here: amaryllis are some of the most gorgeous flowers on earth. It is said amaryllis are the perfect way to symbolize success for writing, the arts or scholastic achievements.

Gladiolas, with their tall, resplendent blooms, symbolize strength of character and faithfulness. Gladiolas are also said to symbolize remembrance and honor, making these wonderful choice for a highly regarded and respected loved one or for someone you admire for his or her self-control, unless there is cake!

Last but not least, tulips signify a declaration of love! Who doesn't love tulips? Tulips also signify determination. If you've ever seen a vase full of tulips angling for the sun, you know how determined they are! If you don't turn the vase every day, all the blooms will be sticking out at crazy angles, aimed for the sunlight.

Until next week, Oklahoma City.  Stop by and grab some of these beauties for yourself.


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