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Oklahoma has been under an absolute deluge of rain. Our lakes are overflowing, our rivers have fast currents, and streets have been impassable at times. Along with these severe thunderstorms, we have had tornadoes, as well. This time of year is always scary for me, so my husband and I had a flat storm shelter installed in our garage. It is a chore to get our sheltie and our 100+ pound Labrador/Pyrenees mix into the shelter, but the peace of mind is such a relief!  I hope everyone is staying safe (and dry!) during this season of inclement weather.

Roses. In the United States alone, it is estimated over a billion cut roses are sold each year. I cannot find a reliable number indicating how many rose bushes are sold each year, but it is safe to say that Americans love roses. And why wouldn't we? With their silky petals, sweet fragrance and glorious colors, roses are perfect for all occasions. Did you know there are over 120 different varieties of just the roses used by florists? Those of us who grow rose bushes are known for obsessing over them. We prune, we feed, we dead-head, just to ensure we have the fragrant scent of striking roses in our gardens and flower beds.

If you decide to take on planting and caring for your own rosebushes, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, find a partially sunny spot with well draining soil. Roses need about 6 hours of sunlight each day. While it doesn't need direct sunlight, don't plant them in the shade of any trees or even too near a tree or bush, as those root systems can inhibit the growth of your bush.

Be sure to pay special attention to the type of rose you are growing. Some bushes get HUGE and are not suited for flowerbeds close to a house or a fence. Always research the type of roses you would like before you buy. This ensures you do not make an expensive mistake. Many roses need to be pruned in the fall, but be sure to research pruning times for your particular rosebush.

Too much water can cause root rot, which will turn the leaves yellow with brown spots. Too little water causes the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. With roses, many different problems first become visible on the leaves. Be sure to keep a close eye on the leaves so you can catch any seriously problems early.

When purchasing cut roses, oftentimes color is the most important aspect. As with many flowers, different colors have different meanings. For example, red roses mean love, respect, beauty and courage. Yellow roses mean friendship and joy. White roses stand for purity and innocence. Pink means grace, happiness and appreciation. Lavender roses mean enchantment or love at first sight. Blue roses mean the unattainable or impossible. Pale pink roses mean sympathy or admiration and sweetness. Yellow roses with red tips mean you're falling in love. Red and white roses mean unity. Peach means appreciation and gratitude. Orange signifies desire and fascination. Pale peach means modesty. If you don't have the words you want to say to your partner, let the color of the roses do the talking!

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Until next week, Oklahoma, and remember: spay and neuter your pets!

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