Longing for Spring

Winter is upon us! The frigid cold and take-your-breath-away wind here in Oklahoma makes me long for spring. It is only January, which means we have several months to go until warmer weather and lush, green landscapes. Until then, I'll have to make my home more spring-like with fresh flowers.

There are so many beautiful blooms from which to choose to brighten your home. One of my personal favorites is the beautiful and interesting ranunculus. These come in a variety of colors and easily make a beautiful, elegant centerpiece for your dining room table.

Fun fact: there are over 600 different types of ranunculus, including the fun and sassy traditional buttercup! Ranunculus is native to Asia and is thought to mean "radiant with charm." Ranunculus also makes an unforgettable wedding bouquet. If you are the kind of bride who dares to be different, consider ranunculus for your wedding flowers!

Alstroemerias, or Peruvian lilies, are another personal favorite for brightening up a room. A full bouquet of these delicate blooms in various colors will push away the winter blues!  Alstroemeria are known as the flower of friendship and are also symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Send a lovely bouquet to your best friend or place a vase full in your office. Who wouldn’t like a little (or a lot) more prosperity in his or her life? Bonus: cut alstroemerias can survive nearly two weeks with fresh water changes!

In warmer climes, alstromeria can be grown in the garden. They prefer light, well-drained soil, and are a beautiful addition to any garden. In fact, they are perennials, so one must be careful to prune the flowers to prevent over seeding your flower bed.

A relatively new flower of the dianthus family is a strikingly full, bright green flower called Green Trick. Recently developed in Japan, green tricks are simply gorgeous flowers. They look almost like green pompoms! Beautiful alone or in a mixed bouquet, green tricks are quickly becoming a favored bloom due to their intense green color, sturdy stems and long lasting vase life.

Did you know the dianthus means “flower of the gods?” You may recognize dianthus by the more common name, carnation. The carnation is the flower of the month for January. Carnations are beautifully fragrant, inexpensive and gorgeously full flowers available in all the colors of the rainbow. Carnations are easily dyed to match special attire or personal preference, but they come in bold and bright colors naturally. It would be impossible to be in a bad mood with a basketful of these beauties nearby.

Carnations symbolize pride and beauty and are thought to have gained their name from the word “coronation,” as the ancient Greeks and Romans used carnations liberally in flower garlands. Carnations have only been in the United States since the 1800s!

So while the winter chill keeps us snuggled up under afghans with a cup of hot tea, order a fresh flower arrangement to brighten your home and your mood!


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