Lilygrass Greeters

Hello Lilygrass fans!

Today we bring you another neat blog about how we run things in our shop. Here at Lilygrass, we not only treat you with impeccable service from our human employees, but we also have a very special door greeter named Layla.

She is a Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix, and she is the light of the shop! Layla acts as our friendly dog bouncer, because she looooves to greet everyone that comes in.  She will happily run up to you as soon as you walk through the doors, and she will patiently wait on you while you browse or discuss design options with our designers.

Our shop is special for many reasons, but Layla is definitely one of the highlights. Some guests come in just to see her, because she truly can brighten your day. She can provide a nonjudgmental listening ear for bad days, and she can also let you pet her warm, soft fur when you’re getting stressed out. She is a blessing for the employees, as well!

Studies have shown that having animals around are great for people with autism, anxiety, and even physical disabilities. We never know how far Layla’s love can go on any given day, but it’s been fun to watch her thrive and spread joy for friends and family alike.

Lately, Layla has needed her Lilygrass fans even more than they’ve needed her. She recently lost her brother and best friend, Porter.

He was the honorary shop dog, and the owner's (Alicia) world in a ball of fur. He got sick suddenly and in his tender age (ten - in human years), passed within a week. He used to lay beside Alicia's design table and watch his sister Layla go to work. They were a great team. Our little shy boy made you work a little harder to earn his affections, but it was worth every minute. We absolutely love and terribly, terribly miss our baby boy Porter. So please come by and give back some of that Layla love to our sweet girl and Alicia, because they is still grieving and could use some friendly smiles.


Despite our recent devastating loss and sadness, when you come in to the shop, you immediately will feel welcomed by each member of the Lilygrass team, human or otherwise. Thank you for your loyal friendship and for loving on both Layla and Porter.  They and you have helped make this shop into something special. Please say a prayer for Alicia and Layla. Thanks for reading! Have a Lilygrass day!

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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