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cześć, Lilygrass fans! This behind-the-scenes blog takes a look at the life of a worldly designer! She brings a unique eye to the profession here in America, because she’s from Poland. Here’s your exclusive interview with Maggie!

Q: How long have you worked with Lilygrass?


I’ve been with lilygrass since 1999, so 2016 will be 17 years.


Q: How long have you been working in Floral Design? What’s your design background?

I’ve been in the business about thirty years.  I spent five years studying interior and display design at the school of fine arts in Poland.  I’ve attended many seminars, hands-on classes, floral shows, and I follow all of the on-going research in the new trends in floral and interior designs.  I’ve also been keeping a flower garden since childhood.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to design? Why?

I love the english garden style. It brings back childhood memories of European gardens, meadows, and fields. There’s nothing like it. I enjoy the nostalgia, but I also appreciate contemporary design for the artistic aspect of the composition. It’s similar to art form, and it’s really just artistic expression using botanical elements.



Q: What’s your least favorite thing to design? Why?

It’s difficult when a customers picks the flowers out (variety and color) and tells me how they want them designed. I know from the beginning it’s going to be a disaster but still, I try to do my best and caption what they are envisioning.  After all, we are here to do what the customer wants and make them happy.


Q: Do you want to do floral design for the rest of your life? If so, why?

This is where I belong. I love flowers and all things botanical.  There are no two identical blooms or stems.  Every design is somehow different.  Trends in floral design are changing constantly.  That’s what keeps this job interesting.  What’s not to love? 


Q: Do you like working at a small shop? What are the pros and cons?

Small shops don't have the resources to do large productions and installments on its own, which I think would be a lot of fun, but other than that, it’s wonderful here.


Q: What’s one thing you’d want everyone who buys from Lilygrass to know? 

We are here to give customers the best experience through our designs and service.


There you have it, friends! Another great employee at Lilygrass flowers and decor with your best interests at heart!

Come on in today, and share a smile with this precious lady! She is sure to design something you’ll love to show off!

Miłego jednego!

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