International Women’s Day

Hello again, Lilygrass fans!

I hope you’ve been out and about enjoying this crazy nice weather! I know all of us at the shop have, including some of our spring flowers! They’re already blooming! It’s crazy!

As a floral shop, we love all things about spring. The new flowers, the smells, the birds returning, the colors, the sunshine, the holidays – it’s just marvelous! In fact, this blog will be dedicated to one of those holidays, but a lesser-known one. Mark your calendars, Lilygrass fans, because Tuesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day (or IWD, as they like to refer to it) started in the early 1900’s for women to earn better wages, shorter working hours, and voting rights. It then grew to hold rallies campaigning against World War I, and today it is mostly held to honor the growth of women’s rights over the years while simultaneously reminding us that our job is not yet finished. Although we have come far, women still make less money than men for doing the same jobs, women are still far less prevalent in politics and business, and in developing countries especially, there is still an egregious cry for female education and health. International Women’s Day across the globe is known for hosting large events that attempt to shed light on and even tackle those problems still facing women today. (Another fun fact - most people don’t know this, but the United States designates the entire month of March as Women’s History Month! Isn’t that awesome?)

If you have some strong women in your life, why not honor them on this day? Enlighten them on the history of IWD, and send them some beautiful flowers in the signature color of their activism – purple.

During this time of the year, we have the most gorgeous purple blooms popping up! Send some purple stock  to your business lady, and she’ll continue to be the envy of the office (even without equal pay).  Or you can try some Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)  for your mom, who we know is probably the hardest working woman you know and has been for your whole life!  One of my favorite purple blooms for spring is probably the deep and delicious violet seen in the purple anemone.  It is breathtaking! Surprise that stay-at-home goddess with a flower to match her beauty and grace! We’ve also got some wonderful dahlias  that come in a dramatic bloom with a wonderful purple hue. Gift these to your special girl who has a flair for theatre or the arts!


Whatever your type of woman or flower, be sure to take some time to recognize her hard-earned achievements on this Tuesday, May 8th.

Stop on by Lilygrass today, and we’d love to help you pick out some of the brightest and breathtakingly beautiful blooms for your ladies today!

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