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Tis the season, Lilygrass fans!

We have much to be grateful for around here at the shop. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to take pause from our busy lives and reflect on all of the beautiful things we experience, especially those things we take for granted. It is also a day that can be quite stressful for the ones responsible for the event being held at their place.

We spend a happy, hectic day with friends and family, but we slave over a gourmet meal that takes hours, and we clean the house to the nines. We decorate the house with our most festive colors and use the finest silverware. It’s a lot of hard work! One way to show your appreciation is certainly by bringing side dishes, desserts, or beverages. However, another kind gesture is to take some of that stress off of your warm host or hostess by bringing a lovely floral gift.

Call ahead on Monday or Tuesday, and we can have a beautiful arrangement ready for pick-up just in time for your Thanksgiving feast! We can craft a delicate bouquet, tall or short, to nestle in between the rolls and pumpkin pie. We can also create something slightly more eye-catching if you’re looking for a centerpiece. Don’t rule out the traditional cornucopia style centerpiece! It would certainly be a beautiful addition!

If you’d rather do something without just flowers, we can design pieces that focus on those autumnal elements and hues, those dry grasses, rustic greens, even those breath-taking red leaves that line the roadways. We don’t limit our creativity, so stop by or give us a call and let us know what your idea is for the perfect Thanksgiving addition. We would love to help your vision become a reality!

Perhaps you are the host with the most or the hostess with the mostess, and you would be mortified if your guests brought anything to the table, because you aim to please, and you are excellent at it! We understand that sometimes time can escape you, and if you’re usually a Pinterest queen who does everything home-made (even the rolls!), but you haven’t gotten around to that focal point in the center of that scrumptious table, we hear you, too. We applaud you, in fact! We know that life gets in the way sometimes, and you just can’t stay up until 3:00 AM the night before hot-gluing, snipping, or glittering away. Let us take some of that decorating burden off of your shoulders, warrior. We will welcome you in with open and understanding arms, and we will create the most organic and home-grown looking design we can muster. We even deliver! Don’t stress, hard-worker! Keep those guests wondering if you’ve suddenly picked up a side-hobby of floral design in between all that other awesome stuff that you do.

We would be honored to help you or your loved one adorn Thanksgiving dinner this year. We are looking forward to counting our blessings, and we certainly count you among them! Have a happy and safe holiday season, friends. Thank you for your support and kindness all year round. Happy Thanksgiving!

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