Honor and thankfulness

Hello there, Lilygrass friends 

Today I’d like to touch on a more somber topic, because we here at Lilygrass have been flooded with this type of work lately, more so than usual. We’ve been busy decorating delicate pieces for funerals.


It’s hard work thinking about the loved ones who pass on daily. Mostly the time at the flower shop passes gaily. I mean, we get to work with these fantastic blooms all day! We also usually get to create bouquets for anniversaries or to welcome a new baby into the world. However, it’s good to remember that we also serve the opposite of that population. We also help the grieving lay their very important family members to rest.

Recently, one of these types of clients touched me in a way that doesn’t happen often. Perhaps it was a moment of clarity in the hustle and bustle of life, or maybe it was the fact that this man was a veteran of the great United States of America, but nonetheless, this funeral stood out to me enough to draft an entire blog about it.

This particular veteran seemed special to us, so we did our best to honor him with the skills and talents made possible, because this man fought for our rights. We very tastefully used the reds, whites, and blues that have no doubt surrounded this man’s waking moments and helped define who he was during life.

We covered his beautiful casket with deep blue hydrangeas. This type of blue was a perfect match for the blue on our flag, and we know he would’ve approved.

Then, we added in blue delphinium to complement the hydrangeas.

The white stock popped brilliantly against those deep blues,

and the red - perhaps the most important color of all three, because it represents the hardiness and valor exemplified to keep our country free - the red was captured elegantly by standard red roses, the most common and well-known flower, but also the most iconic. How perfect, that red rose, because is usually symbolizes love in today’s society, and how much love did that man have for his country?

We didn’t design this final piece to mimic a flag in every way, though. Instead, we thought a more freeing design was fitting, allowing his soul the ability to finally break free of his earthly bonds, so he may fly on gloriously to heaven. After fighting vigilantly for the freedom we experience daily, he can now feel the truest type of freedom there is.

From all of us here at Lilygrass, we would like to thank the men and women who give up their time, families, and lives to ensure that we don’t have to do the same. We are truly honored to craft pieces such as these for this humble man. Even if it is a small way to give back, Lilygrass encourages you to also use your gifts and skills to honor these soldiers and their families in whatever ways you can.

Thank you for choosing Lilygrass to honor your loved ones. It is truly an honor.


~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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