Holding onto the holidays

I admit it. I haven't taken down my Christmas tree. Not only have I not taken it down, I still turn it on every day. My husband says I am need an intervention. But I can't help it! I love the lights and sparkle!! When I finally take it all down, my house will look so bare.  Also, we were supposed to have snow last week, which just didn't seem right without the tree. Of course, the weathermen were wrong, and we didn't have one single flake.

If you are lamenting the end of the holiday season like me, add a splash of color! Poinsettias are not just for Christmas. They are beautiful, lush plants that make a quiet statement without overpowering. Poinsettias do not actually flower; the colored portions are leaves called bracts. Bracts require 12 hours of darkness every day for five days to change color, a process called photoperiodism. Isn't that fascinating?

   Did you know a flowering poinsettia can be planted outdoors?

   In winter climates that do not frost, the poinsettia becomes a lovely bush in a flower bed!




Another seasonal favorite is the amaryllis. What an incredibly stunning flower! There are over 600 types of amaryllis, including one species from Brazil that grow in trees - with no soil!

A bonus to having an amaryllis plant is that it will freely and easily bloom indoors. You can also plant the bulb in a planter and move indoors and outdoors with the seasons. I personally love plants that flower indoors, especially in the winter, when outside seems to be varying shades of gray. Some amaryllis will even bloom in the summer, if provided the right conditions.

Asters are another option this season. Asters, also known as the star flower, come in various shades of purple, blue, pink and of course, white. They look a lot like daisies.  A simple vase filled with deep purple asters will light up a room. Asters are one of the last plants to bloom in the fall and butterflies and bees love them!

 My favorite asters are Matsumoto asters: a full bodied bloom with lots of petals and a yellow center. These asters have happy "faces!" What's not to love? They are so beautiful!

Whether you want a pick-me-up or a plant that will continue to bloom for years, we have the right choice for you at Lilygrass flowers & decor.


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