Grocery Stores vs. Florists

Good day, friends of Lilygrass! Happy June! We hope this sweet summertime is treating you well! With all the fun and hustle and bustle of summer, we know it can be hard to find time to visit us, especially with the convenience of grocery store flowers, so we wanted to remind you of a few reasons why professional florists really can exceed your expectations.


One of the most important things Lilygrass can offer you that grocers can’t is excellent customer service. When you come into the shop, you get one of our highly trained and experienced floral experts to work with you. We have some lovely people who can figure out exactly what it is that you’re looking for. We really take the extra time to get to know your needs and desires, so we can design something that will truly make you and your recipient happy. Favorite colors? We can add those in there. Your mom’s favorite flower is out of season? Here’s another bloom that’s in season that is very similar, and she will still love it! Your nephew loves frogs? We have some great gifts in the shop that would be perfect for his gift basket. You can’t get that kind of personalization from a grocery store.


Aside from our five-star customer service, we also handle our flowers professionally. There is a common misconception about grocery store flowers. Most people think they’re getting the same quality as they would with a florist, but it’s really like buying a car. We usually stick with the brands we trust to ensure that we get the customer service and support we need. It’s the same situation with flowers, and it starts with where they come from. Farmers use different types of soil, and that can affect the blooms dramatically, but we won’t get into all that right now. Grocers most likely buy flowers that are cheaper, rather than nicer. Here at Lilygrass, we only choose the best blooms from quality growers, and they’re fresh each week! But the dedication doesn’t stop there. Then we store them properly and keep them fresh for your bouquets and arrangements. Our refrigerators are closed, so they are easily controlled. Grocery stores have open coolers, which makes it impossible to maintain the proper climate. The real kicker with these grocery store flowers has to do with how they display them. Most flowers are right beside the fruits and vegetables, right? Well, that is a big no-no! Fruits and vegetables give off a specific type of gas that actually kills flowers 50% faster! Isn’t that crazy?!?! Don’t waste your time or money on half dead, not personalized flowers!


One final reason why florists are better than grocery stores is because florists process flowers the correct way. The stems get cut at the proper angle and under water, and then they are placed in buckets of water with quality flower food. They stay like that from their arrival until they get delicately placed into your design. Most designs even include some water with the food already mixed in!


Grocery stores might do a good job with some of these things, but their primary income is not from flowers. They mostly sell groceries, right? (Home Depot was even selling bouquets on Mother’s Day!) Regardless of what the store sells, if it’s not from a flower shop, flowers are probably not on the forefront of their minds, which makes it easier for them to have small oversights. Meanwhile, at Lilygrass, we don’t sell groceries or hardware. Our business is to design beautiful creations for our customers, and we pay close attention to those easily overlooked details. If you want the freshest blooms from the brightest flowers, the florist is definitely the way to go.


Don’t get fooled into thinking you’re getting the same quality for the same price. If you really want that gold-standard service and personalization to “wow” your loved one, the florist is always the way to go. Sure, grocery store flowers will help you out in a pinch, but for the true Lilygrass quality and customer service, just give us a call today!

Thanks, fans! See you soon!  

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