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Good day, Lilygrass readers! I hope this cooler weather is getting you up and outside! We have loved that crisp fall air here at the shop! Open those windows, and remember that this time of year is the perfect time to start planning for the craziness that is to come, yep, you guessed it, those holidays! Lilygrass has some wonderful gourmet gift or snack baskets that suit every occasion.

These baskets are fabulous! They come in multiple sizes, from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter, and they are filled with different colors of shredded confetti. (Personalization is welcome!) You can also choose between several different shapes and colors, too! There are round baskets, square baskets, fruit baskets, oval baskets, rectangular baskets – almost any kind your heart desires! These baskets are designed for any personality or special person.


The best part of each basket, though, is what we put inside! If you would like a completely fruit basket, then we pick the best fruit to gather and professionally place inside. We can also add some delicious fancy cheese and delectable snack crackers. Your father-in-law loves beef jerky? We can add some of that, too! Your aunt has a penchant for Swiss chocolate? Rest assured we will select only the best quality for her! If you’ve got something specifically picked out, then bring it on in! We can also create baskets centered around your item. Just the other day we crafted a basket for an auction that was filled with Michael Kors products. How fun!


With fall festivals popping up and sports events underway, auctions are abundant! A gourmet basket is a perfect addition for that PTA event or spaghetti dinner to raise money for the band, soccer team, choir, or TSA.

We also know that lots of us will be invited to family gatherings over the next few months. No one wants to show up empty handed! Call us a few days prior, and swing by on your way out of town. You can surprise that hard to please mother-in-law and reap the benefits of letting Lilygrass do the hard part for you.


If none of those reasons suit you, think about how nice it would be to simply send a basket to a loved one at work - for no reason! It would undoubtedly make their day, and they would be the star of the office, because who wouldn’t share all those goodies?

For all of these reasons and many more, a gourmet gift or snack basket is a showstopper for any occasion. Stop by today and order before you get bogged down with holiday planning! Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day, Lilygrass friends!

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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