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What a whirlwind of a wedding season we have had so far! We absolutely LOVE doing weddings, so if you know of anyone planning a grand affair, send them our way! Our expert designers enjoy working with brides to create the wedding of their dreams, and here is another blog on one such wedding!

This wedding took place at a really neat converted post office in El Reno. It’s a small town that still carries with it that small town charm with the convenience of being thirty minutes from Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma is so cool like that.) And this venue is definitely worth that short drive. The original wood floors boast of scratch marks that have some interesting stories to tell. There are rooms galore to get ready in, and the best part is that it harbors a quaint courtyard that is completely private, complete with a nice deck and fountain, not to mention the wonderfully done greenery and outdoor altar area. In that courtyard is where this wedding took place.

The all white wedding was a perfect contrast to the green grass and vines growing on the sturdy fence. The bride’s bouquet consisted of white hydrangeas, standard roses, garden roses, and dahlias. The slightly different shades of white were so magnificent your eyes would just naturally rest there for a moment before you even realized you were staring! The bridesmaids’ were the same style, just on a smaller scale. The ladies were truly mesmerizing.

The men all wore white standard roses, and what classy look it was! The groom himself, however, proudly displayed a terrific white dahlia. We even garnished the pastor with some standard white roses. They were all handsome, indeed!

The altar naturally demands your attention, but we added a nice white color pop by loosely draping some tulle through the arch. We finished it all off by setting up the unity candles on tall stands in the middle. It was simple and perfect.

Back inside for the reception, we stuck to the rule of three and designed three different types of centerpieces. The bride and groom customized the vases for the tall arrangements themselves! They added some gold paint in all different patterns on all kinds of different vases. It was very tastefully done. We added a small fishbowl design with two bud vases filled with standard white roses. And finally we added a floating tea light to reflect back those golden design elements paired with some votive vases and single garden white roses. It was a clean, crisp, and elegant atmosphere.


There were also some large arrangements on the memory and guest book tables. We used some of our largest vases, and they were practically bursting with white hydrangeas, white garden roses, and white standard roses. Fantastic additions!

We love weddings, because they are all so different! This was one for the books! Thanks for reading, friends! Until next time!

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