Fall is in the air

Hello again, friends of Lilygrass!

Prepare yourselves: PUMPKIN EVERYTHING IS COMING! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this time of year - football, fall leaves, crisp weather, hay rides, and hot cider. I can’t wait for all of the colors, the scents, the tastes, and the DECORATIONS! What a marvelous time!

And you are in luck! We already have some of our fall displays out and ready to go! Some popular ways to design your autumn house this year include mantles, centerpieces, room focal points, and the front door. And fortunate for floral shops, the popular décor for fall is always geared toward those beautiful natural elements.

One of the most prominent places we decorate in our homes is the living room mantle. Throw some adorable off-white pumpkins up there and accent with bursts of leafy garland in deep oranges and reds. Gold is also a fantastic accent color this year. Wow your guests with some fall figurines or some adorable owls. Burlap will help create a nice, rustic atmosphere, and you will be jumping into piles of compliments!

Table centerpieces and room focal points can serve the same purpose. Both can be set on tables, and depending on if you are simply using your table for serving or eating, the pieces can be large and breathtaking. Large arrangements with branches of turned Maple leaves are a unique way to engage foliage with your setup. Don’t overlook those grasses during this time of the year, either. They easily add height and drama to any occasion. Look specifically for Miscanthus, Fountain Grass, or some Feather Reed type grasses. They have those browns and tans you’re looking for in that autumn color scheme.

Lilygrass would be honored to decorate your home with a Blooming Pumpkin (using a pumpkin base as a vase with a magnificent arrangement) or a floral pumpkin (pumpkins covered with mums)! Your guests are sure to have never seen anything like them before! Both pieces would be excellent table centerpieces or room focal points.


Finally, and probably most importantly, the front door! Nothing says welcome to my autumn quite like a fall display before anyone even enters your home! Don’t be afraid to pile on those real pumpkins out there. Etched (rather than carved) is all the rage right now, and even check out some painted pumpkin options! (The polka dots and stripes are terrific!) Mix those pumpkins with a customized burlap wreath from Lilygrass, and people will be clamoring to your door (to ask where you got it, of course).  Add some accent pots with fall flowers (like those grasses mentioned above, paired with some sweet potato vine, bright lantanas, and  maybe a gomphrena), and you’ve got an eye-catching fall garden and are prepared to usher in any guest, whether they be a tricker or treater.

Let the interior of your home be filled with the beauty and scents of the exterior this season! Happy fall, ya’ll!

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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