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At Lilygrass flowers and décor, our customers request just as many potted plants as fresh cut flower. Today, I want to talk about some beautiful plant options, starting with some of the most common plants.

Peace lilies are probably in the top five plants sent by florists each year. Not only are they beautiful and a blooming plant, they are easy to care for, making them a popular choice to send to anyone. Peace lilies are often sent for funerals and memorials, as they are meant to bring peace and harmony after a death.

Rubber tree plants are a type of ficus. While they start out as a lovely plant with gorgeous dark leaves, if kept in a big enough pot with proper care, they can grow up to 9 feet tall, though regular pruning will keep the plant smaller.

Indoor palms come in several varieties and are a gorgeous addition to any room. Their relatively easy care makes them perfect for offices and shopping malls. Be sure to check the variety, though, as the lady palm can grow up to 14 feet tall indoors!

Nephthytis, pothos and English ivy are common houseplants that make a big statement. Nephthytis is a slow growing, tropical vine that can survive almost anything, including temperatures just above freezing, should you forget to bring the plant back inside after the summer. Not that anyone would do that, of course. It can take nephthytis a full year to start growing runners for climbing. Pothos are climbing plants, often potted with a pole for climbing so they require very little maintenance until they've grown too large for the pot. Pothos will climb to the top of the pole, then back down, then back up again. English ivy is another common potted plant with its delicate leaves and elegant vines making it one of my favorite plants. It grows fairly quickly, and I think it is prettiest in a hanging basket.


Croton is a striking plant with dark green leaves and bright yellow, red or green variegated leaves. Unlike many of the other plants I've mentioned, croton needs a brightly lit location to maintain the vibrant colors. With proper lighting, the colors will be even brighter!

Last, but not least, bird nest ferns have beautiful flat, wide leaves with ruffled edges. Considered the easiest fern to care for by many, these plants are simply gorgeous. I am actually wondering why I don't have a bird nest fern in my home; I must remedy this!

Regardless of the occasion, potted plants leave a lasting impression on the recipient and will for years to come.

******I want to take this opportunity to remind you to tell those important to you that you love them. I lost a family member today, at far too young. I wish I'd been able to see him one last time. Life is unexpected. Don't miss an opportunity to remind someone they mean a lot to you.

Rest in peace, Aaron. You are already missed.


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