Easter Flowers

Hello again, Lilygrass fans! We hope you’re out and about enjoying this uncannily nice weather for early March! Things just keep arriving early this year, including our next blog topic – Easter Sunday! Get yourselves ready, because this holiday falls on Sunday, March 27th this year!

Easter has come to be traditionally celebrated by Christians, but it has also grown into a celebration of spring and new life for all religions. This season, if you’re hosting an Easter Sunday celebration, we’ve got some ideas for you. If you’re searching for a delightful basket full of goodies to surprise a loved one, we’ve got those, too!                                   Whatever your Easter tradition, Lilygrass would be honored to be part of it.


If you’re after a traditional Eastertide meal, then Lilygrass has the arrangements to perfectly complement your delectable dishes. Some traditional Easter flowers include white easter lilies. The white shows the purity that represents the state of Jesus’ soul and his ascension into Heaven.


Peace lilies also carry a connotation of, well, peace, and innocence. They are often given to grieving families and have become a popular flower for funerals. This year, spread either one of those brilliant white blooms around your table to help guests reflect on the sacrifice that was made in order for them to enjoy their own peace, prosperity, and innocence.


We also specialize in church deliveries for Easter Sunday. We design beautiful arrangements of easter lilies, but we can also supply palm branches. Now, the palm leaf is a significant symbol in the story of Jesus, as well. Upon his return to Jerusalem, a week before the ascension, the people finally recognized who he was. They lined the streets with palm branches, which signified goodness and victory. Kings had palm branches carved into temples, and they made appearances on coins, as well. We bring these palm branches to church services to help tell the story of Jesus’ last week on Earth. They act as beautiful reminders that goodness can overcome. Even though the greeters of Jerusalem thought Jesus was going to overthrow the Romans and save them that day, palm branches remind us that he was a savior in another sense, the savior of our sins. Lilygrass would be honored to adorn your place of gathering with elegant palm branches this Palm Sunday (March 20) or Easter.


If you aren’t planning a church service or a special meal, Lilygrass still has some viable options for you this Easter holiday. We love to organize and design gift baskets, and we have some fantastic Easter gifts in the shop right now! Come on in and tell us a little bit about the lucky recipient, and we can whip up something that’s sure to bring joy and happiness to any loved one. We can add flowers, fruit, candy, gifts, etc. We design gift baskets for adults and kids, so no one should feel left out this Easter holiday!

No matter how you celebrate, Easter, a time to reflect on the sacrifices others have made for us. We celebrate winter’s end, which brings with it new life, beautiful colors, fresh breezes, and bright sunshine. Let Lilygrass help you spread your Easter message to those who need it.

Have a great day, Lilygrass fans! We hope this Easter season brings you new revelations of joy and happiness.

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