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Good day, Lilygrass fans!

Today our blog discusses the topic of customer service. Now, before you roll your eyes or quit reading, this is not a rant. It is purely about why we, at Lilygrass, choose to exempt ourselves from online ordering. It all starts with a line from one of my brother’s favorite movies, Sweet Home Alabama:

Reese Witherspoon is back in her home town after years of being absent. Not only that, she’s lost her accent and forgotten her roots, so this small town is a type of reverse culture shock for her. She walks downtown to the bank to withdraw some money, but she is surprised when she can’t find an ATM anywhere. She says, “I noticed you don’t have an ATM.” This cute, southern lady answers in her thick accent, “Oh, them things? Russ don’t want to put one in on account of you lose personal contact with the customers.”

That is exactly the sentiment that we feel here at Lilygrass. Not only do we want to prepare beautiful arrangements with the best flowers for you and your loved ones, but we also thrive on that close, personal contact with our clients – YOU! If you order on the internet, it’s hard to get that special something that really adds the personal touch to your design. We want to know favorite colors, sports, activities, etc. We ask questions you wouldn’t even think to tell us the answers to! Plus, we do actually LIKE talking to people and building those relationships with them. Once you see how nice we are and how we exceeded your expectations, we’re sure you’ll keep coming back!

Sure, most people who aren’t in the floral business don’t know the first things about flowers, and pictures are helpful. However, we run into the problem of seasons when we go off of just pictures. Sometimes our clients LOVE these certain flowers, but they just don’t grow during a specific time of the year. Since we are only humans, and we are dealing with God’s magnificent creations, we might not be able to make your flower choices happen on man’s time, but you might be misled if you only look at pictures on the internet. We can help steer you in the right direction, and we can also offer up ideas for replacement flowers that are in season. We can even paint flowers to make them look like the colors you want. (We do it for weddings when they want out of season flowers and no one noticed the difference!)


There are lots and lots of reasons why we choose to forgo business on the internet, but we hope you will see the benefits of coming in or calling us, too. We can design the perfect piece that will have your loved one hoping, just like Reese Witherspoon, that they “can kiss you anytime they want.”

Thanks for your loyalty! See you soon!  

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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