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Lots of people don’t know this, but flower shops also can do big business things like corporate events! In fact, we just had a blast at a gala last week! We helped celebrate with a company that turned 100! WOW! What an accomplishment! We were honored to design some fantastic pieces to add the right touch of flourish and fun to their celebration.


The tables were stunning with two different designs. Half of them boasted a traditional large arrangement in clear, uniquely shaped vases. We topped off those vases with brilliant brights! The yellows, red, and oranges were nature’s celebratory colors for 100 years of excellence! We had Asiatic lilies, circus roses, hypericum berries, safari sunset and orange wax flower. To balance those hues, we added in some gray Brunia berries, purple chrysanthemum daisies, scabiosa pods, and red seeded eucalyptus. We also added a touch of fall with some accent pinecones. They were centerpieces fit for the grand occasion!



The other half of the tables were decorated with three shorter vases that were also clear. We grouped those same yellow Asiatic lilies in one, the two-toned red and yellow “circus” roses in another, and the final vase held those dark purple daisies. The balance of the lights and darks perfectly mimicked those fall colors everyone loves, and the whole thing was a hit!


We would be honored to do business again with these hard-working folks for their 101st celebration!

Corporate events don’t have to be limited to only table toppers, though! We also helped honor with the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association for their memorial. Keeping true to their theme of red, we carefully handpicked 48 magnificent roses and individually wrapped them in greenery and baby’s breath. Then, we wrapped them in cello wrap and tied it all together with an eye-popping red Tiffany bow! How elegant and enchanting! It captivated the guests of their ceremony nicely.


Whether it’s a small event with two tables or a larger ceremony with fifty tables and a stage, Lilygrass would be honored to help bring your vision to life! Our expert designers will work with you step-by-step to ensure your experience is exactly what you hoped for. So if you are the lucky one responsible for planning your next big event, give us a call! We would love to have a consultation with you, so we can personalize the décor and theme for your organization!

Thank you, friends! Have a lovely week!

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