colors of the rainbow

Did you know that the color of a flower is symbolic? 

Most people just pick a favorite color or a color that is pretty to them but if you want to discover more, we are here to break it down.

Learning about the meaning of flower colors gives you an opportunity to send an uncommon sentiment - like sending a secret code to someone you admire in Oklahoma City or around the world.

Be creative when you pick your flower selection. Don’t be scared to mix different color meanings in your arrangement. You can even include the meanings of the floral, in the card, if you send the arrangement to someone.

Flower colors are like a rainbow in the sky - color your world with their various meanings and be inspired to say something.

Blue flowers- peace, openness, and serenity

Pink Flowers- grace, gentility, happiness, youth, innocence, and joy

Purple flowers- dignity, pride, success, accomplishment and admiration

Red flowers- desire, strength, and passionate love

White flowers- innocence, humility, reverence, beauty, modesty and elegance

Yellow flowers- joy, lightheartedness, friendship, new beginnings and happiness

Orange flowers- energy, enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life

Green flowers- health, resilience, good fortune and youth

Next time you are ordering or receiving a floral delivery from Lilygrass flowers and decor, notice the colors of the flowers and think of the messages they send.


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