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Hello friends of Lilygrass!

We hope you are enjoying this weather cool down! It’s actually starting to feel like fall, now! Last weekend, in the last wave of the hot summer sun, we had the opportunity to embellish yet another stunning wedding, and it certainly was gorgeous! This theme was truly unique, and we had a blast working with this bride to help her vision come true.


We matched their daring and adventurous spirits with some pretty daring designs of our own. Large sunflowers and giant circus roses lit up the space with bright golden yellows and warm oranges, and we didn’t stop there! Then, we added orange dahlias, Viking poms, indigo godetia, red gomphrena, red protea, dusty miller, red hypericum berries, and plumosa in shades of oranges, mustard yellows, greens, peaches, and indigo.  Even the names of those flowers give me wanderlust! We matched the intensity of all those petals with bushels of silver dollar eucalyptus leaves, green hanging amaranthus, succulents, and thistle. This carried out an almost bohemian theme with a bright blast of whimsical charm! It was a unique design, but I’d have to say it was one of my favorites to design!


The altar transfixed the audience with its perfect blend of traditional white fabric drapes and the contrasting wildness of those tangled natural elements. The dark brown pergola commanded respect on its own, but it complemented the design beautifully and warmly. Truly a focal point if there ever was one!

The table settings took those foraged flowers to a rustic level with golden vases overflowing with pieces that were designed to mimic how wild flowers would grow in nature – freely, but bountifully and beautifully. Nothing appeared staged. We didn’t want to detract from the raw allure of the blooms and leaves themselves. Nature does such an elegant job already, why mess that up? It was almost a relic of times gone by when people used to get married out in the middle of a field. There is just something so amazing and simple about it all.


Overall, the wedding was absolutely stunning! I dare a guest to find themselves at another wedding with quite that level of design appeal! Our hard work paid off when we saw how absolutely perfectly everything came together, but most importantly, how appreciative and happy the bride was. Her face glowed even brighter than all of those wild flowers!

Venue: Coles Garden

photographer: Meagan Potter Photo and Design

Lilygrass was honored to be part of this special day! Give us a call or stop by, so we can help make your wedding floral dreams come true, too!


~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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