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Time to celebrate summer!

The official first day of summer is still a few days away, but many people have been in summer mode for weeks. And rightfully so! While summer in Oklahoma brings the heat, it also brings lots of opportunities for fun and laughter for both kids and adults.

Here are a few ways to celebrate all that summer has to offer.

Stop and smell the flowers

Extend the life of fresh flower bouquets

A fresh flower bouquet can bring a smile to your face and add some cheer to any room, and proper care can help extend the life of the bouquet. While cut flowers do have a much shorter lifespan than potted plants or flowers, there are some steps you can take to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Avoid direct sun, drafts, or temperature changes

Flower spotlight: Oriental stargazer lily

The stargazer lily is perhaps one of the most iconic cut flowers available. It is stunning by itself or when added to mixed floral bouquets and adds a wonderful fragrance as well.

Stargazer lilies are named for their upward-facing blooms. The original Stargazer lily has deep crimson and pink petals with white edges, which is what most people think of when talking about this oriental lily. However, Oriental lilies actually comes in other color palettes as well, for example white and solid pink.

A look at the history of Memorial Day

While Memorial Day for many people means the start of summer and a time to gather for food and fun, the purpose of the holiday is to honor those who have lost their lives in service to our country. From its beginning, the holiday has been closely tied to flowers as well.

The origins of Memorial Day in the United States dates back to ceremonies honoring those who died in the Civil War. In 1868, a leader of a veteran’s organization called for May 30 to be Decoration Day, a specific day set aside to leave flowers or other decorations at the graves of soldiers.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here! It’s our second busiest day of the year behind Valentine’s Day, and we love helping people bring smiles to the women they are celebrating. Here are some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Fresh flowers or potted plants

Gifts for teachers

The school year is coming to a close, and that means many students will be taking teacher gifts to school in the coming weeks. If you’re undecided about what type of gift to give, try one of these ideas.  

Gift cards plus something personal

Gift cards are a common stand-by for teacher gifts and many other gift-giving occasions. They’re easy to buy, easy to transport, and easy for the recipient to spend on something they enjoy.

Say thanks to your volunteers this month

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, so it’s a great time to say thank you. Volunteers make a difference in schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits, communities, and many other places. It’s hard to imagine a world without volunteers!

Here are some tips for thanking your volunteers.

Find out their likes and dislikes

Many organizations have a volunteer form that someone must complete prior to filling a volunteer role. If you oversee a small team of volunteers and don’t have a form, perhaps it’s time to start using one.


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