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Say thanks to your volunteers this month

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, so it’s a great time to say thank you. Volunteers make a difference in schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits, communities, and many other places. It’s hard to imagine a world without volunteers!

Here are some tips for thanking your volunteers.

Find out their likes and dislikes

Many organizations have a volunteer form that someone must complete prior to filling a volunteer role. If you oversee a small team of volunteers and don’t have a form, perhaps it’s time to start using one.

Tips for choosing prom flowers

Prom season is here! It’s time to start thinking about dresses, tuxes, transportation, and dinner plans. And flowers! Can’t forget the flowers.


The corsage and boutonniere are a classic part of the prom tradition, and it’s often the first time for a teenager to present flowers of any kind to their date for the evening. Here are some basics on selecting prom flowers to help make the process easier.


Who pays for the corsage and boutonniere, and how much do they cost?


Send well wishes with a fruit or gift basket

There are lots of great options beyond flowers when you want to send well wishes. Sure, we love flowers, but sometimes you’re sending to someone with allergies or you just want something a little different. Here are a few alternate gift options to consider for delivery or pickup.


Fruit baskets


Want to support a friend’s healthy resolutions? Send a beautiful fruit basket! We can customize the fruit based on preference and season, as well as the type and color of basket, ribbons, and even balloons to add some extra flair.


Tips for sending get-well flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to lift a friend or family member’s spirits when they are sick, whether that means a rough case of the flu or a hospital stay due to surgery or other illness. But it’s also important to keep the following tips in mind when sending flowers to someone who has been ill.


Call the hospital first before sending


The trip of a lifetime to the Rose Parade 2018

Our owner, Alicia, is obsessed with flowers. Her husband, Chase, is obsessed with all things OU. So what better adventure than a trip to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl in 2018?


In 2003, when Alicia and Chase were still dating, OU went to the Rose Bowl. Every year since then, Alicia has longed to go to the Rose Parade and help work on the floats. Chase promised that if OU ever made it to the Rose Bowl again, they would go.


Flower spotlight: baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is a long-time staple in the floral industry. Its delicate white flowers can add fullness to a bouquet or create contrast for brightly colored flowers. The delicate stems and small flowers spread easily to fill any gaps in an arrangement, and they can help add some softness to bold, dramatic flowers.


Baby’s breath also adds an element of purity and innocence to any bouquet, and it’s especially common for wedding bouquets and new baby bouquets. Tiny sprigs also appear in boutonnieres and corsages for both weddings and formal events. 


A behind-the-scenes look at a florist on Valentine’s Day

Ever wondered how a flower shop prepares for the busiest day of the year? Here’s your chance to learn more about how we get ready to create bouquets and deliver flowers and gifts across the metro area.


The calm before the storm?


While Valentine’s Day is the busiest single day for our flower shop, the Christmas season is our busiest season. Once we wrap up a month of Christmas flowers and gifts, we’re closed for New Year’s Day, and then Valentine’s preparations begin on January 2. So really, there’s no calm before the storm!



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