Administrative Professionals Week

Welcome back, Oklahoma! I hope you enjoyed the milder temperatures and nourishing rain we had this past week. Is it just me, or is this year flying by?

Did you know it is Administrative Professionals Week?


While an entire week dedicated to honoring your professional staff is warranted, the official day of observance is Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

How about a little history lesson today? I do love history!

During WWII, the United States saw a significant increase in demand for administrative professionals. As a result, the National Secretaries Association was formed in 1942 to acknowledge the hard work of secretaries and other administrative staff. Though the name has changed several times over the years, the organization still exists to recognize excellence, provide education, networking, professional and leadership development opportunities.  The first official Secretaries Day was June 4, 1952.  In 1998, due to the increasing responsibilities and job title changes, the organization's name was once again changed, this time to International Association of Administrative Professionals. At this point, Secretaries Day was changed to Administrative Professionals to honor and celebrate all professional office personnel.

Fun fact: There are nearly 4 million administrative professionals in the United States.

Today, the Administrative Professionals Week observance is always during the last full week of April, with the observance of Administrative Professional Day, the Wednesday, of that week.  As I worked as a legal secretary or legal assistant for 16 years, I wholeheartedly believe supportive staff deserves an entire week for the work we do behind the scenes that keep businesses running smoothly.

So now that you know the historical reasons for recognizing your professional office staff, here comes the most asked question: what on earth do you get your staff?

Fresh flower arrangements are always a great place to start and are probably the most common gift. Because it is spring now, you will have the options of many beautiful blooms with luxurious scents. Plus, it's a fact that most women love flowers, so this is a win-win for both of you (provided your professional staff members are female).  I always loved getting live plants for special occasions. I have at least one plant in every room of my home (even the bathroom). There's something to be said about having a beautiful, easy care plant in your office. Most of us spend far too much time, sitting at a desk, typing furiously all day. Having a little Mother Nature inside with you can improve your mood, and science has shown that houseplants (or office plants in this case) help you breathe better, deter illness, clean the air, help healing, and just being around plants can increase productivity and improve concentration. How cool is that?

Of course, cut flowers and beautiful green plants are not your only options to recognize your assistant. Lilygrass offers a lovely and unique selection of gifts. From beautiful jewelry to exquisite décor to luxurious creams, soaps, lotions and candles to vintage scarves, Lilygrass is the place for all your unique gift giving needs. We invite you to come in and browse the store. We know you will leave with something special.

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Stop by today and let us help you say thank you to the people who keep your office together.


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